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Roth Group President visited the statement Jiamusi University
Dear Liu Jingshun principals, Dear Tommy Dean, all the leaders, teachers
Hello everyone
     I took all Roth's expectations, full of longing for cooperation, came to the Jiamusi, Mudanjiang came, came to the Jiamusi University. Returning to breathe fresh air, and in this sunniest most brilliant June, I also felt the Jiamusi University, the University leadership's sincere and warm in here, I want all of you Jiamusi University expressed deep gratitude to the leadership .
    Here let me take this opportunity to introduce Roth Group. Lott Group is a research, integration of the pharmaceutical industry capital, resources, talent various platforms integrated company, affiliated companies Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guangzhou East, Lott pharmaceutical, Lott medicine, peak investment, Luo Special Technology, Lott pharmaceutical engineering centers.
    Guangzhou Dong Kang Pharmaceutical located in the scenic Baiyun Mountain, covers an area of about 42,000 square meters, construction area of about 15,000 square meters, the total assets of about 60 million yuan in Guangdong province's most comprehensive pharmaceutical dosage form pharmaceutical companies, especially eye drops and comprehensiveness of various dosage forms for external use is also a leader in the country.
    Lott, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the most active pharmaceutical sales Jieyang City, Guangdong, Jieyang is one of the largest drug manufacturers, mainly oral solid preparations, fist products are re-Ann columns Finasteride tablet has more than foreign similar species better exclusive formulations.
    Lott, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the core competitiveness of Roth Group owns the source; company is located in Guangzhou Pearl River New City CBD three Bank of China Tower, is currently a first-class modern logistics, with well-known enterprises GSP certification standards, the company has continued to undertake North China Pharmaceutical Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Japan Co., Ltd. and other well-known brand manufacturers gifted, special products, and has been in North, South, South, East regions to establish a sound business channel network, at a local hospital, pharmacies, third terminal has a stable terminal of the control force. Owns more than 40 long-term clients home, business dealings customers 10,002 thousand home, nearly twenty thousand potential customers. Convergence in the pharmaceutical business environment, through differentiated marketing strategies come to the fore; through delivery timeliness, professional pharmacy services, terminal focus of academic promotion, distributors and other services throughout the full range of differentiated marketing and brand strategy , formed its own unique culture and marketing consultant core technology, has been "economic medicine" track interview, continuous coverage, access to peers and professional recognition and appreciation, and achieved good sales.
    This I came to Jiamusi University, from admiration for our school students everywhere, from abundant research on our school's admiration, even from my very consistent with Qiu Hongbin principal development concept. China's pharmaceutical industry is facing in today's restructuring and industrial change in the situation, in this background, all legalistic anachronistic thinking and attitude will allow businesses to fall into the abyss of elimination. Roth Group actively seek first breaking, sought through contact with Jiamusi University, learning, cooperation, from the market point of view, Combination, give full play to all resources, complementary advantages, pharmaceutical research with universities, rapidly converted to Productivity integrated into social benefits. I hope that through this visit to learn, opened the prelude of our mutual cooperation, we not only want to be a strategic partner, but also to become pragmatic implementation level collaborators. I believe that through our joint efforts, our cooperation will be the fastest bear fruitful results, school-enterprise cooperation will surely become a guide and example.
 Finally, thank you once again led by fellow teachers for their hospitality and frank presentation, thank you.