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Ready to research and development, pharmaceutical development
Ready to research and development, pharmaceutical development speed Lott
Innovative drugs Lott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Science Center and National Innovation Drug Research Strategy Alliance signed a cooperation agreement, which will help to integrate all advantages of resources, and promote high-tech incubator Lott pharmaceutical development process and the whole industry chain
■Tang Xueliang
    May 27, Lott Group was established in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lott innovative drug research centers, research centers and laboratories at the opening ceremony of the scene with the national innovative drug research strategic alliance signed a cooperation agreement with both Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Jiamusi University have signed long-term R & D cooperation agreement. Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, Mayor Chen Dong, former State Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director, China Licensed Pharmacist Association, Zhang Zhou attended the ceremony and for the innovative drug research strategic alliance member companies unveiled.
Zhang Zhou said, the pharmaceutical industry's development is inseparable from scientific and technological progress, for the pharmaceutical companies, the pharmaceutical quality of life, variety is the future of technology to ensure the required quality, you need to research to develop varieties, Rothe force the pharmaceutical R & D Innovation is the visionary move.
Roth Group Chairman Luochu Bo pointed out that this, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. invested more than 2000 Lott million to establish R & D centers, laboratories in strict accordance with the CAP standard, GLP Good Laboratory Practice, for construction. Is a leading domestic level of innovative drug research center. The Roth joined the national innovation pharmaceutical drugs research strategic alliances that will help integrate all advantages of resources for major diseases, multiple diseases using joint research for drug development, and promote high-tech incubator Lott pharmaceutical development process and the whole industry chain will help to achieve the pharmaceutical Lott healthy and rapid development.
Enhanced R & D capabilities
R & D for a pharmaceutical company understood the importance. In the pharmaceutical industry, industrial upgrading, improve the quality of growth in the context of independent pharmaceutical companies to enhance research and innovation capacity, to promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises is particularly important. Conform to such industry trends, Roth Pharma to advance the vision, invested heavily in R & D centers, and joined the National Innovative Drug Research Strategy Alliance.
Roth Group Chairman Luochu Bo said that the Group attached great importance to R & D capacity building, in accordance with the development plan, multifaceted investment, implemented in phases. This time, the Group's wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co. Lott invested 20 million yuan to establish R & D centers, CAP-accredited laboratory in strict accordance with the standards, GLP Good Laboratory Practice, for construction. To become the leading domestic level of innovative drug research center is the first step. Next, you will continue to increase software and hardware aspects of investment, research and development centers run at maturity, the group, the research team is stable, the new College of American Pathologists CAP Laboratory to obtain a world-class laboratory standards. CAP certification through the FDA drug review is an important basis for reference while gaining international recognition of the relevant agencies, also means that Lott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Guangdong innovative drug R & D center's laboratory to the world top level. Center is equipped with more than 10 kinds of imported advanced precision equipment more than 100 sets, researchers bachelor degree or above 30 people, including eight postdoctoral researcher. Research center after delivery, provided for pharmaceutical Lott CAP accredited GLP norms experimental research data and research for the future development of the pharmaceutical Lott lay a solid foundation to foster strong vitality pharmaceutical Lott.
For Lott pharmaceutical development, another major event is to join the National Innovative Drug Research Strategy Alliance. Luochu Bo said Lott pharmacy to join the alliance, there will be more opportunities and alliances in other 33 major domestic pharmaceutical companies, key laboratories, research and development companies to share a high level of science and technology platform will target major diseases, multiple diseases, through joint research, Combination play all advantages of cooperation, etc. collaborative innovation, promoting high-tech incubator and its industrialization process, and constantly develop innovative      medicines, and create high-quality good medicine for the people lifting patients in fear.
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Party Secretary WU Chun-fu pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry is facing rare opportunities for development, but also accompanied by a more intense market competition, and its core R & D capabilities of the competition. Roth Pharmaceutical R & D center set up will help enhance its research strength, the formation of strategic advantages, and promote innovation and development. Join the national strategic alliances to help innovative drug research relies on pharmaceutical Lott sharing platform, with well-known drug R & D institutions and pharmaceutical companies in a wider range, deeper cooperation has provided a rare opportunity.
Jiamusi University Qiu Hongbin Roth also expressed appreciation for the practice of pharmacy, "Roth Pharma is developing rapidly in recent years, pharmaceutical companies in Guangdong, Lott pharmaceutical research center founded and joined the National Innovation Drug Research Strategy Alliance is actively adapt to the country innovative drug policy trends, but also to adapt to market demand, which enhance the capability of independent innovation, extend the industrial chain, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises so great benefit. "
In addition, Roth Pharma also with the Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Jiamusi University, were established long-term R & D partnerships. It is understood that the pharmaceutical Lott said two universities will work with drug development and personnel training in areas such as deeper cooperation. Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Jiamusi University, and Roth Pharma will use their pre-clinical drug research and drug production, marketing and other aspects of the advantages and benefits of integration through the integration of resources, saving both drug development costs and speed up development process. In personnel training, the two universities will be mainly through the organization of Roth Group postgraduate doctoral research station and other forms of Roth Group and its member companies develop high-level technical personnel.
At the same time, the ceremony that day, Lott pharmaceutical specially invited well-known experts to provide our customers the new interpretation of national essential drugs policy and its impact on other areas of circulation.
    Roth Group to increase investment in pharmaceutical research and development of innovative products at the same time, pay more attention to business model innovation - "Roth pharmaceutical whole chain" mode. In the laboratory enabled After the ceremony, Lott Lott Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Guangdong to provide our clients introduce their latest "Agents Alliance program." With the introduction of "the whole industry chain Lott medicine" marketing new model - the "research alliance" and "Agents Alliance" innovative pharmaceutical industry chain development of new models, formed a complete industrial chain of pharmaceutical alliances both "strategic Roth Union. " The establishment and promotion of new alliances, making pharmaceutical industry chain downstream agents and pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical industry and even the freedom of man, no longer subject to the market, policy and other multi-extrusion, but to let the majority of the industry chain downstream distributors, agents providers and the pharmaceutical industry free people with the upstream pharmaceutical R & D institutions, the pharmaceutical industry manufacturers share the fruits of development, capital alliance, establish long-term win-win cooperation. 
The whole industry chain layout
    With the establishment of the research center and joined the National Innovation Drug Research Strategy Alliance, Roth Group has set the development of pharmaceutical R & D, production, sales in one of the modern pharmaceutical enterprise on the road, has taken a solid pace with landmark .
As we all know, as a large national pharmaceutical company, founded in 1999, Lott Lott Group subsidiary Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been undertaking North China Pharmaceutical Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Baiyun Mountain, Japan Co., Ltd. and other well-known brand manufacturers advantages and special products. Convergence in the pharmaceutical industry enterprises under the status quo, Lott medicine through differentiated marketing strategies to the fore. Through the delivery timeliness, professional pharmacy services, strong academic promotion terminal capabilities, dealer meeting the full range of differences in training, marketing and brand strategy, North, South, South, East and other regions to establish a sound commercial channels network, at a local hospital, pharmacies, third terminal has a stable terminal of the control force. It has more than 4,000 long-term customers, business contacts than 12,000 customers, potential customers, nearly 20,000.
But Roth Group is not satisfied with this, over the years, Roth Group has been committed to the upstream development, has completed the old state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou Dong Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. shares capital increase, a wholly-owned acquisition of the former Guangdong Lin Taixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. . It is understood that the original is located in Chaozhou, Guangdong Lin Taixing Pharmaceutical historic city of Jieyang, covers an area of 50 acres, with more than 20 production approval, the production of prostate medication and diabetes medication have good market response and efficiency. Currently Lott pharmaceutical drugs produce their own R & D focused on market prospects of high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate and other therapeutic areas. Luochu Bo said that the company's future there are plans to enter the bio-pharmaceutical, specialty materials with high added value will also be the focus of future development of the pharmaceutical Lott one of the plates.
Meanwhile, Luo Chubo also sights on a more upstream research and development, the establishment of research centers and pharmaceutical research to join the national innovation strategic alliance is a good proof. "We now have more than 1,000 square meters of research centers, and with many domestic universities to research aspects of the depth of cooperation, on the one hand for personnel exchanges and cooperation, the other is based on the Cooperative business potential fine digging from product upgrades, new product development and marketing patterns cut into three areas together to upgrade the core competitiveness of enterprises. "Luochu Bo believes that" good research and innovation to work for the production and sale to provide protection for long-term development of enterprises to provide power, but also a rapid development of pharmaceutical companies have to do a thing. "
For future development, Luochu Bo said Lott Group will continue to deepen the whole industry chain layout, continue to adhere to the "two legs", for the pharmaceutical, commercial further accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions. In business, Luo Chubo hope to continue some of the advantages of regional sales network resources into Lott's, to further strengthen the sales network and advantages of Roth. In industry, the focus on product offerings through the acquisition of wealth, and through enhanced R & D capabilities to further enhance the quality of drug Lott and innovation capacity. "
In addition, Luochu Bo pointed out that Roth Group will continue to adhere to the characteristics of the future development and brand management of the road. "We can not scale with the big business aspect of competition, and take the road to the operating characteristics of Pharmaceutical Lott is a wise choice, but the reality has proved right to do so, and all these years Lott achieved good development. "Luochu Bo said," In the current pharmaceutical homogeneous competition severe cases, pharmaceutical companies product brand awareness is the key to winning one. "
Future long way to go, but Luochu Bo believes that as long as adhere to the characteristics Lott Group's development path, the introduction of strategic investors to accelerate the integration of the whole industrial chain, starting from the source, the real production, learning, research and development, brand building to go of the road, continue to optimize from research to production to marketing of the whole industry chain development pattern, dedicated to the best contribution medicines to the people, to bring the best service to customers, then the Roth playing domestic famous brands; enter the industry hundred; go international, to become internationally renowned companies will be able to realize the dream.