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Lott pharmaceutical research center inaugurated
Innovative Drug Research Strategy and National Alliance signing ceremony newsletter
     At 8:00 on May 27, 2013, Guangdong, beautiful Rongcheng District Jieyang, Lott preparation building before singing loud and clear, flags flying, all kinds of size of the vehicle filed into the room, a number of important leading guests in attendance appeared before the wall holding pen sign; Lott wearing a pink dress dozen, filled with youthful vigor female employees such as butterflies like the shuttle meantime, enthusiasm for the leaders and guests service boot - Roth pharmaceutical research center inaugurated and National Innovative Drug Research Strategy Alliance signing ceremony held.

     Ceremonies begin promptly at 8:00. Moderator - Rongcheng District Rongcheng District Deputy Director of Government Mayor Wu Qin Wu, on behalf of Rongcheng District Jieyang City and for all the guests to attend the ceremony, warmly welcomed the participants and introduced one of the important guests, they are: former State Food Drug Administration Deputy Director Zhang Zhou comrades; CPC Jieyang City Mayor Chen Dong comrades; Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Party Secretary Comrade WU Chun-fu; Jiamusi University Qiu Hongbin comrades; CPC Jieyang Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Liu Guangming Rongcheng comrades; Jieyang Vocational Technology Dean Gong Shanchu comrades; government Secretary-General, Comrade Cai Phan standings; well Jieyang municipal leaders and other relevant units.

     After Lott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Zhiqiang and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Vice-Chancellor Miss Li Weifang signed the "National Drug Research Strategy Innovation Union" accession agreement, Lott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Mao Nian and Jiamusi University College of Pharmacy Dean Tommy Dean for the inaugural signings "research focus cooperation base" protocol.
In the opening session, Zhang Zhou, deputy director, Chen Dong mayor and party secretary Liu Guangming Luo Chubo chairman happily together for the "Innovative Drug Research Strategy Alliance member companies'" Roth pharmaceutical research center "opening. Four pairs of big hands tightly grips, glittering, with the presence of nearly 200 guests witnessed this historic moment.

     Signing and opening ceremony, the leaders and guests filled hoping to visit research centers. In the research center, leading guests visiting personnel, whether staff are in strict accordance with the requirements put on shoe covers listening carefully explain the researchers to visit. At the same time, economic medicine and other professional media were also on Luochu Bo, chairman, WU Chun-fu secretary Qiu Hongbin Zhang Zhou, deputy director of principals, and had an exclusive interview.

     Lott pharmaceutical research center was established, and the accession countries, innovative drug research strategic alliances, Roth Group took the lead in the pharmaceutical enterprises to research directions and Roth Group is bound to enhance scientific and technological level, to promote enterprise development potential, to achieve Luo Special group "Roth drugs, high-quality" and "public health, Lott pursuit of" lay a solid foundation.