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Warmly celebrate the success of Roth pharmaceutical contract research center

Lott pharmaceutical research center in innovative drug research and National Strategic Alliance signing ceremony on
(27 May 2013)
Luo Chubo
Dear Mayor Chen Dong, Zhang Dr Chow, secretary Liu Guangming, WU Chun-fu secretary, Qiu Hongbin principals,
Leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
Hello everyone!
Today, I feel excited about the heroic, Lott pharmaceutical research center inaugurated cum innovative drug research strategic alliance signing ceremony was held. Here, on behalf of Lott Lott Group Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. all employees, leaders, distinguished guests and friends of the pharmaceutical industry a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks!

We deeply understand that today's competition is a technology and innovation competition. Lott pharmaceutical research center investment of nearly 20 million yuan, with area of 2200 square meters, in strict accordance with GLP [Good Laboratory Practices] building up to the national ten thousand purification standards, is a leading domestic level with innovative drug research center. Center is equipped with a variety of imported high standard of advanced research and sophisticated laboratory instruments over one hundred sets. Researchers degree or above 31, including doctoral students, graduate students and other eight, after delivery, the future for a class Lott pharmaceutical drug research, providing GLP norms experimental research data. For the future development of the pharmaceutical Lott lay a solid foundation and strong vitality nurturing business.
Innovative drug research strategic alliances in Liaoning Provincial People's Government and the China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association signed the "build Shenyang Pharmaceutical University agreement" on the basis of some members of the pro-drug unit composed of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. Roth Roth Pharmaceutical Group Guangdong after accession, will integrate all advantages of resources for critical illness or disease, the use of joint research, Combination play all advantages of cooperation, etc. collaborative innovation, promote high-tech incubators and industry process.
Lott Lott Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Jieyang City by leaders at all levels has always been of great importance for the strong support of local businesses, so Lott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has made ​​great development and fruitful results, which is the local government's help and support inseparable. Lott pharmaceutical research center will be completed and added innovative medicines research strategic alliances also benefited from government incentives. Since then, Lott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will be conditional with the league 33 large domestic pharmaceutical companies, key laboratories, research and development companies to share a high level of technological technology platform, will continue to consolidate and develop their own core technology, and constantly develop an innovative drugs, creating high-quality good medicine for the people lifting patients in fear.
Leaders, distinguished guests, Roth Roth Pharmaceutical Group in the past ye thankful for their help and support. In the future, will urge leaders and friends continue to support the development of the pharmaceutical Roth Roth Group, I will lead my team, dedicated, innovative research in the field to create a Roth. Distinctive business development. We firmly believe in Jieyang Municipal Government, as well as the leadership here, guests concern and support, in co-operation with the professional scientific research institutions under the present strong support of our friends, Lott Lott Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. will be manifested more brilliant. Jieyang leapfrog development of the private economy, private enterprises in Jieyang technology to shape a new image for the public health, should have dedicated their strength!
Finally, I wish Roth pharmaceutical research centers innovative drug research strategic alliances simple ceremony a success! I wish all the leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good health and a happy family! Thank you.