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Former deputy director of the National Food and Drug Administration and the Roth Group at the Univer

       In the morning of April 12, the former deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration Zhang Wenzhou to visit Shenyang Pharmaceutical University research,, Roth Group Chairman Luo Chubo accompanied by research. WU Chun-fu, principals BI Kai-shun, Shenyang Pharmaceutical large school party secretary and Vice President Li Wei Fang, the Research Director Jin Quanyuan accompanied by research and held discussions.
       Zhang Wenzhou first talked about the research work of the Alliance, want the school to broaden their horizons, multi-enterprise cooperation and common development. Then WU Chun-fu, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in the field of pharmaceutical preparations, synthetic drugs, natural medicine such research, and discuss the hot issues in the research and development of new drugs and Chairman Luo Chubo expand. Last the Luo Chubo introduced the basic situation of enterprises, and always open position Lott Group of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, acceptable marketing professional students to corporate internships, hope to establish long-term cooperation in scientific research, personnel training and other aspects of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University mechanism.
      WU Chun-fu on behalf of the school to to thank Zhang Zhou, deputy director of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University guiding the development of and care, school teaching practice base in Roth Group, Roth and invited to join the national innovative drug research strategic alliances, establish long-term cooperative relationship