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welcome Feng Xiaodong Secretary personally inspected
Labor May, hard May, inspections the Meishan Municipal People's Government House and Economic Cooperation Bureau Secretary Feng Xiaodong visit Roth Group. Bring great encouragement and motivation for employees.
    May 3. In the the Roth Group President Mr. Luo Chubo, leadership, accompanied by, Meishan Municipal Economic Cooperation Bureau Secretary Feng Xiaodong came to our company for visit, Feng Xiaodong Secretary Luochu Bo, chairman, Chen Zhiqiang, Mao Nian general manager of the company's management team and departmental personnel I Luochu Bo, chairman and general manager Chen Zhiqiang, accompanied by a cordial meeting, seriously listen to Luo Chubo Chairman's report on the overall situation of the company, the production features the company's future development goals, as well as the development of difficulties with thinking, listen to the report, Feng Xiaodong Secretary inspections Roth pharmaceutical, Kang Pharmaceutical subsidiary production office environment, understand the details of equipment and production, a comprehensive understanding of the production and operation of the Company, Feng Xiaodong Secretary and his Assistant Zhang Liang with and leadership of our company to give a high degree of With fully affirmed the the foresight of the Luo Chubo director, praised the efforts and achievements of enterprises in economic development, social services, at the same time, he also said the government is highly concerned about the development of the company, to vigorously support the company's development and growth
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