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2012, doomed not to ordinary one year.

Production, study and research, the capital, integration, resources, the platform has been the subject of the pharmaceutical industry, the new health care, community health care, medical education, the reform of hospital pharmacy, etc. Chinese medicine facing structural adjustment and industry change. In this era background, the group came into being.

In "keen, enterprising" as the spirit of group is located in the pearl river new town, guangzhou CBD, with a total registered capital of 100 million yuan. Group involved in medicine, finance, production, study and research, service, entity, create, and other fields, from a purely professional marketing company, the development set production, sales, r&d, capital operation, surrounding the medical service in the industry of diversification, cross-industry group of companies. Group has ROM, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, guangzhou Europe PuKang old fragrant yellow, golden, guangdong investment, technology, HuaHui services to affiliated company.

A: guangdong pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guangdong pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded in 1995, formerly known as guangdong Lin Taixing pharmaceutical co., LTD (guangdong rongping tai group). In November 2011 by ms pharmaceutical full acquisition. After several years of development, has gradually grown to a collection of drug production and drug research and development in the integration of modern medicine production enterprises. Company is the national high and new technology enterprise, or metabolic disease drugs in guangdong province engineering technology research center, now has a number of invention patents and more than 20 production approval.

Company site is located in the beautiful scenery of jieyang rongjiang south purple east industrial park, production workshop ten thousand square meters, factory building layout is reasonable, the design novel, elegant environment. Adhering to the standard factory, efficient production, strict inspection management production concept, the company strictly in accordance with the GMP standard production workshop and a high standard to perform its production specifications, the company now has tablet, capsule and cephalosporin capsules and other professional production line. Among them, the more get prostate drug finasteride dispersible tablet technology invention patent, and compared with the international similar products, its bioavailability equivalent. At the same time, finasteride dispersible tablets and the diabetes drug pioglitazone hydrochloride capsules have got good market reflected.

Roethke pharmaceutical always follow the "people's health, the pursuit of" as the core business philosophy, to create "apt, high quality" brand positioning, unremitting efforts to make contributions to the development of national health undertakings.

Second: guangdong pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guangdong roethke pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded in 1999, formerly known as guangdong taikang pharmaceutical co., LTD. After nearly 20 years of development, the company in February 2016, successfully listed on the new three board (securities, luo, pharmaceutical industry, stock code: 835704), and completed from a single drug sales business model to the collection of industry development and the development of diversified business model transition. Company is the national high and new technology enterprise, or metabolic disease drugs in guangdong province engineering technology research center, has 1 invention patent () in a number of invention patent pending applications, seven patents of utility model and a number of patent of appearance design.

Started from drug sales agents of pharmaceutical development, from the pioneering investment mode, the ancestors of the years continue to undertake the north China pharmaceutical group, the broad medicine group, well-known brand manufacturers at home and abroad such as Japan, special local product of ROM apt has established a perfect marketing network. Has long-term customers 10000 ofthem, 30000 ofthem business customers, potential customers nearly hundreds of thousands. The company main product card manage stability of high blood pressure patients with high uric acid has obvious effect, and high blood pressure in our country at present is 30% high uric acid in hypertension. A conservative estimate, therefore, the drug will break through billions of market share in the future.

Customers are survival, innovators have to development. In has a strong marketing force, on the basis of ms pharmaceutical also with the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of medicine, shenyang pharmaceutical university, sun yat-sen university, south China university of technology and jiamusi university and other research institutions, colleges and universities to establish a close partnership, intensify efforts to promote the new technology and drug exploration, research, aiming at the innovation development of the enterprise into a steady stream of fresh blood.

Of pharmaceutical industry has always been to adhere to the integrity-based business philosophy, at the same time pay attention to the long-term development cooperation consciousness, in addition to further advance pharmaceutical production, research and development and sales, market development, will also strengthen the scientific research cooperation with the international advanced technology, further enhance the connotation of service and innovation, enrich the technology to improve the professional quality. At the same time, of pharmaceutical industry will also be in a whole new attitude and lofty, with like-minded partners to develop pharmaceutical industry wider space. Will ms pharmaceutical industry into a well-known brands at home and abroad!

Three: guangzhou Europe PuKang pharmaceutical co., LTD

Guangzhou ou PuKang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a professional ms group engaged in "special medical use formula" (hereinafter referred to as FSMP) in the research, development, production and operation of enterprises. FSMP is based on the new Nutrition medicine (Nutrition medicine) on the basis of new type of medical industry, the product must be used under the guidance of a doctor or a clinical nutritionist. FSMP as a new industry in guangdong province first put forward by ms experts. Who currently in province development planning commission, support to the provincial government to declare the new industry in the next five years will be formed in guangdong 500 million yuan of new industry, the next five to ten years will be in the domestic market there will be 300 billion yuan.

Currently the PuKang pharmaceutical industry is developing "cancer nutrition and metabolic plan project", the product of intestinal perfusion "yi PuKang" suspension liquid and powder are declared. "Yi PuKang" can greatly improve the quality of life of cancer patients, extend the life cycle.

European PuKang pharmaceutical industry will become China's largest, one of the best, the most professional FSMP enterprises, research and development will FSMP best products in China. The future and remarkable economic benefit and fast-growing market.

4: guangzhou prosperity investment management co., LTD

Guangzhou prosperity investment management co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as its investment) is a focus on equity investments in the pharmaceutical industry, and medicine, new product research and development investment management of the professional institutions. Its investment taking for portfolio companies provide target-oriented strategy combing, product research and development, pattern optimization, introducing talents, improve management, financing support, business development of value-added services, help has cast enterprises to realize capital and value, of the ascent of the whole and thereby create capital efficient returns for investors, achieve win-win business and investors.

Five: guangzhou pharmaceutical technology co., LTD

Roethke pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Is a collection of production, study and research into a comprehensive company, specialized in pharmaceutical products research and development, the drug import registration agent, imported drugs listed agency commissioned services, and with domestic universities (such as: shenyang pharmaceutical university, south China university of technology, sun yat-sen university, etc.), professional research and development institutions (such as: Shanghai institute of medicine, etc.) remain deep relations of cooperation. The company has a dynamic team and specialized laboratory of drug research. Company research and development of products cover more than ten therapeutic areas. In addition, the ROM, medical science and technology also has rich experience in international cooperation, cooperation projects, including production, study and research, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health food, medicine, beauty care products and other fields, flexible cooperation mode, do strong backing for product development.

Six: HuaHui services company

HuaHui services company registered in chaozhou city guangdong jieyang, is geared to the needs of the pharmaceutical enterprise output of labor service personnel's professional services company. Companies in the province, city departments at all levels of leadership and support, to absorb and introduce the advanced business management, establish professional ability of medical service operation team, convergence teochew who dares, diligence, have business mind of genes, wholeheartedly provides the high-quality service for all the pharmaceutical enterprises, also contributing to the perfection of our country labor service differentiation and development of their own!

Seven: guangdong old sweet yellow pharmaceutical technology co., LTD

Old yellow is the chaoshan area famous specialty, because of their special health care and medicinal value, both at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation. Old fragrant yellow was concocted by the fruits of rutaceae plants, bergamot. According to Chinese pharmacopoeia records, bergamot is the traditional Chinese medicinal materials in our country, is also one of the "medicine and food" traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approved by the ministry of health. But the bergamot itself is very bitter, spicy, and is not suitable for direct consumption. After processing, can enhance its edible, medicinal and extend the storage time, etc.

The old sweet yellow processing technology has a long history. Published by the people's government of guangdong province in 2009 for the third batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage list. Through wine after the combination of modern science and technology processing old fragrant yellow, have to product functions, appetizers spleen, eliminating phlegm fluid etc, can treat stomach pain, abdominal distention, vomiting and phlegm cough asthma and other diseases.

Although old fragrant yellow for chaoshan gems, but over the years its processing technology has been using cottage industry. In order to make the old sweet yellow production process more standardization, standardization, scale, and guangdong old fragrant yellow pharmaceutical technology co., LTD., under the golden investment capital arises at the historic moment, the main production of canned drinks and substitute the old xiang huang TM tea and other products. Company adhering to the traditional old fragrant yellow processing craft, through high-tech means to extract the essence of old fragrant yellow and careful deployment, combine the production technology of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine at the same time, from the initial screening of bergamot, orange peel and other raw materials, processing, filling, capping and sterilization in the end, every link strict control, ensure the good quality of each product, as well as realize the modernization of the traditional old fragrant yellow industrial production. Old xiang huang TM canned drinks and substitute tea not only keep the wine unique efficacy, and guarantee its unique taste, good and convenient to carry and drink.